About the AMS Phoenix Project

AMS Phoenix Project: A Call to Caring is focused on making a positive and lasting difference in how health professionals develop and sustain their abilities to provide humane, compassionate, person-centred care.


The AMS Phoenix Project aims to instill and sustain compassion, empathy and professional values in the environments in which health professionals learn and work.

Approach and Initial Work

The Project will build on initial advice emerging from several successful provincial summits /workshops organized by the AMS in early 2011 on the use of narrative, the role of the hidden curriculum, and the effects of toxic practice environments on medical and nursing education. The key findings emerging from these summits constituted Phase 1 of the project and provided a foundation for discussions leading to the launch of The AMS Phoenix Project...

Activities & Resources

In September 2010, the AMS Board committed resources to supporting Stage 1 of The AMS Phoenix Project focused on exploring the best way to meet the goals of the initiative and build a foundation for sustainable impact. With financial support from the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care for selected Stage 1 activities, AMS hosted five successful events from January 22 to May 17, 2011. Following is a brief description of the events. A synthesis of the highlights emerging from the discussions can be downloaded...


Q: Who is the AMS?

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Q: How Did the AMS Phoenix Project: A Call to Caring Come About?

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Partners & Links

The AMS initiative will begin in Ontario and gradually expand nationally. The initial focus will be medicine and nursing with expansion to rehabilitation sciences and other healthcare providers. The initiative will begin in larger academic health science centres with the eventual inclusion of other universities, colleges, community hospitals and other organizations...